नमस्कार मंडळी,

Let's celebrate Holi with EBMM and have fun with friends and families!

Please RSVP at your earliest so that we can keep delicious "Puranpoli" and "Batatewada" with tea ready for you all !!!!

"होळी आली होळी
खाऊ पुरणाची पोळी
अनिष्ट रूढी, प्रथांची
बांधू होळीसाठी मोळी"

RSVP here
Entry fee : $5 for a family of 4 or less

About Us

East Bay Marathi Mandal is a progressive, cultural, and communal organization. Mandal's vision is to celebrate, promote and preserve the rich Indian heritage by actively engaging our community. We propagate this vision by organizing cultural and creative art events. Our ultimate goal is create a morally strong traditional legacy which encourages our future generations to work toward fulfilling the Mandal’s objectives.

A 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization. EIN: 47-2966325