Vandu SwarBhaskara (वंदू स्वरभास्करा)

जन्मजात देणगी संगीताची
दैवी शक्ती गंधर्व गायकीची
स्वरभास्कर वरदहस्त गाठी
"स्वरानंद" हा, रसिका तुझ्याचसाठी !

वंदू स्वरभास्करा is a tribute to Pandit Bhimsen Joshi Ji offered by his Disciple Anand Gandharva. Pandit Bhimsenji made his mark on different genres of music and therefore this concert will include a great variety of music right from Classical Music, Santwani, Bhavsangeet to Hindi and Kanadi bhajans. Anand Bhate will also talk about his experience of learning from the Legend himself..

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A Hindustani Classical Recital by Sandeep Ranade

EBMM in collaboration with YogaSukham is delighted to present a Hindustani Classical Vocal concert featuring Sandeep Ranade - a highly accomplished musician with a huge following! (
He will be accompanied by Bay Area's beloved Vivek Datar on Harmonium and Ravi Gutala on Tabla

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